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Old news

March 15th 2014 - I'll be playing at Klubi, Turku next Friday, March 21st. Please check out my lo-fi video for cxcw2014 (couch by couchwest) on my YouTube channel.

April 25th 2013 - Wow, I do really suck at updating this website. Lately I've been writing tons of new material and getting my songs ready for the studio. Also, I did a studio live recording (audio/video) last november. Three songs were recorded. Please check out my YouTube channel for some videos. Furthermore, I've been taking it easy on the gig side lately. Like I mentioned, I've mostly been busy writing new songs. However, I am gonna throw an acoustic show in Houtskär, Finland, June 15th. I'll be playing my own stuff as well as a few covers. So, if you by any chance are going to be hanging in the southwest coast archipelago at that time, come see my show. Later...

May 28th 2012- It's been a while since the last update on this website. Since Sammy joined me on drums in February 2011, a bunch of new songs have emerged, both duo and solo. Later this year I will release my second album.
The best way for you to follow the writing and recording process is via my Twitter or Facebook page. I am also on Instagram (#martyrandom) and you can listen to my songs at Soundcloud.
This Saturday, we be playing a private gig in Turku and I have also booked a solo show in Helsinki (August 8th at Korjaamo). Jun 28th 2011- Next show will be at Röylitti Festival in Parainen, July 16th. Showtime: 15:00.
In the meanwhile, check out the fresh live pictures on the MTRG Facebook page.

Feb 12th 2011- The first gig for the summer has been booked. I'll be playing at Klustermus Festival in Rauma June 11th. Also, catch me live at Pub Port Arthur March 26th.
Today we had our first rehearsal together with Sammy (drums, guitars & other instruments). From now on, he'll be contributing to the tunes of Marty the random guy. We found the sound and three new songs were born. He will be joining me onstage March 26th.

Jan 12th 2011- The first two gigs of 2011 have been confirmed. I will be playing at Klubi, Turku 10.2.2011 and at Pub Pikku Torre, Turku 4.3.2011.
I did a radio interview in Swedish 10.1.2011. You can listen to it here. It'll be available for a couple of weeks. Dec 20th 2010- Another year has come to the end. Next year I'll be back with new songs and more gigs. Thanks to everyone who has supported me. I wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

Nov 10th 2010- Greetings! I have opened a FACEBOOK PAGE, so if you're connected in that social community, please check it out. Upcoming shows: Nov 19th Kirjakahvila (Turku, FI) and Dec 2nd Pub Kåren (Turku, FI). Have a good one!

Sep 29th 2010- I'm currently writing new material and enjoying the colorful season. A couple of shows are booked. I'm playing at Graceland, Turku, FI October 29th and at Kirjakahvila, Turku, FI, November 19th.

June 14th 2010 - One gig is booked for this summer. I'll be playing in Bar Graceland in Turku (FIN) on July 16th. Showtime is at 23:00.

April 8th 2010- I'm playing @ Graceland (Turku, FIN) next Thursday, April 15th. No entrance fee! The gig is organized by Turun Rytmiklubi.
Check out Twitter, Myspace and look up the Marty the Random Guy group on Facebook as well.

February 15th 2010- I'm currently writing new material.

December 17th 2009- Season´s greetings! I summed up 2009 by playing my last gig of the year in Helsinki a copule of weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who has supported me this year. Next year I've planned to record some new material and continue playing shows. The first gig of 2010 will be at Klubi in Turku, FIN. At this point, I think it's only fair to announce that my debut album "Hooks" contains a hidden track that is called "Hit my head". Happy hunting! If shopping for x-mas gifts frustrates you, make someone happy and get them a copy of Marty the Random Guy "Hooks" for only 3,50 € from 8RAITA record store. Have a great x-mas holiday and a happy new year! Marty

November 3rd 2009- Check out Marty the Random Guy at Twitter. Today, a gig was booked in Turku. I'm going to be warming up for The Hangmen from the US. C ya!

October 5th 2009- Check out the interview under In The Media in Aamuset.

August 17th 2009- Look for Marty the random guy at Facebook and join the group. Live photos have been added to the MTRG myspace and facebook pages.
I will soon announce the date for my first gig in Helsinki so stay tuned!

July 1st 2009- A couple of gigs have been booked. On the first sunday of August, I and Robin Pahlman will be playing at Kujakolli in Tampere, FIN. August 15th, I will be performing in Pietarsaari, FIN, at the Free Fall Festival.
In the latest issue of Finnish blues magazine Blues News you can find the latest review of "Hooks". Enjoy the sun!

April 27th 2009- In Soundi 4/09 I grabbed the "Demo of the month" title. The review and interview aren´t posted on the Finnish magazine´s website yet, but will be soon. Of course, if your interested, you can just go buy the magazine! I am currently writing songs, booking gigs and rolling on my Dogtown in the sun.
Oh, btw, Get your copy of "Hooks" from 8Raita Record Shop for a really good price or buy the mp3s at The Ground.

March 8th 2009- Check out Hambone´s Blues Rumshack number 30! This guy does a great job in finding interesting blues artists from around the world. You´ll find lots of new music there. In his 30th podcast I´m featured with two songs.

February 18th 2009- Scroll down and read the reviews of "Hooks". I´m gonna be supporting Joey Cape (US/Lagwagon) at Klubi, Turku in April.

December 28th 2008- Two gigs have been booked. On January 24th at Klubi in Turku, Finland, I´ll be playing my first gig together with Muzzy. The show is FREE and also features The Streams, Polar Ends and The Greenbee. January 31st is a private gig.

December 1st 2008- Welcome to my humble website! I´m so damn glad I finally got this working. Here I will be posting information about me, Marty the random guy, and my music. I hope you´ll be dropping by once in a while. During the last weekend in August 2008 I was in the studio working on my debut album "Hooks", which will be released in January 2009. The record features nine songs. If you´re interested in getting a copy of the CD, send me an e-mail and I´ll get back to you or visit 8Raita record store (Finland)!
Also make sure to check out Marty The Random Guy at myspace.com!

Past Gigs

14 Nov 2015 - Humalistonkaturock, Logomo, Turku
23 Oct 2015 - Folk, Blues & Beyond, Pikku-Torre, Turku
06 Sep 2015 - Turun Rytmiklubi, Panimoravintola Koulu, Turku
07 Aug 2015 - Country Club Mini Festival Vol.2, Turku
19 Aug 2015 - Culture Recycled - Share & Discover, Parainen
27 Jun 2015 - Asemapuiston Lippakioski, Turku
05 Jun 2015 - Musiikkikahvila Sointu, Turku
02 Apr 2015 - Pikku-Torre, Flavour of the Month, Turku
05 Mar 2015 - Tiirikkala, Turku
24 Jan 2015 - Hunsvotti, Turku
17 Sep 2014 - Portti, Turku
27 June 2014 - Turku Acoustic 2014, Turku
30 May 2014 - Musiikkikahvila Sointu, Turku
21 Mar 2014 - Klubi, Turku
14 Aug 2013 - Club Liberte, Helsinki, Finland
15 Jun 2013 - Restaurang Skagen, Houtskär, Finland
8 Aug 2012 - Korjaamo - Helsinki
2 Jun 2012 - Private occasion - Turku
11 Nov 2011 - Bar Kuka - Turku
3 Dec 2011 - Klubi - Turku
28 Sep 2011 - Klubi - Turku
16 Sep 2011 - Tinatuoppi - Turku
16 Jul 2011 - Röylitti Festival, Parainen
12 Jun 2011 - Central Sounds, Parainen
11 Jun 2011 - Klustermus - Rauma
22 Apr 2011 - VR Studio, Turku
14 Apr 2011 - Klubi, Turku
26 Mar 2011 - Pub Port Arthur, Turku
4 Mar 2011 - Pub Pikku-Torre, Turku
19 Feb 2011 - Bar Soho, Porvoo
10 Feb 2011 - Klubi, Turku
10 Dec 2010 - Bar Bristol, Turku
2 Dec 2010 - Pub Kåren, Turku
19 Nov 2010 - Kirjakahvila, Turku
29 Oct 2010 - Graceland, Turku
16 Jul 2010 - Graceland, Turku
15 Apr 2010 - Graceland, Turku
2 Jan 2010 - Klubi, Turku
4 Dec 2009 - Kantis, Helsinki
2 Dec 2009 - Klubi, Turku
30 Nov 2009 - Piug/Punt, Pargas
5 Nov 2009 - Pub Kåren, Turku
2 Oct 2009 - Pub Pikku-Torre, Flavour of the Month, Turku
17 Sep 2009 - Robin Pahlman & MTRG play covers, Klubi, Turku
15 Aug 2009 - FreeFall Festival, Pietarsaari
2 Aug 2009 - Kujakolli, Tampere
17 May 2009 - Kujakolli, Tampere
19 Apr 2009 - Klubi, Turku
31 Jan 2009 - Private occasion, Turku
24 Jan 2009 - Klubi, Turku

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