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23 Sep 2017 - Pub Waterloo, Turku


12 Mar 2017 - Turun rytmiklubi, Pub Waterloo, Turku

04 Nov 2016 - Folk,Blues & Beyond, Pikku-Torre, Turku
06 Aug 2016 - Country Club Mini Festival Vol.3, Turku
02 Jul 2016 - TeiniFolk (Keskiaikaiset markkinat), Turku
18 Jun 2016 - Baari, Turku
24 Mar 2016 - Pikku-Torre, Turku
17 Mar 2016 - Piug/Punt, Pargas

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I was born in the very late 70s in a small town on the southwest coast of Finland. At the age of 11 I got my first guitar and started my first band. Since the mid 90s, Ive been strumming the guitar and singing in several punk and rock bands and projects.
During the past years, loads of ideas for songs have been stacked up in my desk drawer. My material is founded on those ideas along with a whole bunch of new ones. Im not much of a categorizer, but you might say Im a singer/songwriter who likes to write and perform rock/blues/country/folk songs in different shapes and sizes. There you go.
As all my songs are a result of my voice and some instrument, theyre naturally the tools I use at shows. However, I might have friends jump in at gigs and during recordings.
Keep it simple, Marty


MARTY THE RANDOM GUY -Hooks * Releasedate: January 16th 2009

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Joker's Cigar Box Guitar Podcast March 02, 2010
Hambones Blues Rumshack number 30, 2009
Raven & Blues March 14, 2009

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